Representation Protocol


To represent the local voluntary sector, individuals should be elected by the voluntary sector.


Information about vacancies / requests should not be spread by “word of mouth” only but should be publicly available through the CEOs’, CVS and Connect Hertfordshire networks. Information should include agreed or proposed Terms of Reference for the forum or committee, and where possible previous minutes, and information about where the forum or committee reports.


The CEO Network will invite expressions of interest and set a deadline for responses (usually three weeks). Any individual from the voluntary sector can express interest, whether CEO, other employee, volunteer or trustee. At the end of three weeks, if there is only one expression of interest, this individual will be put forward. If there is more than one expression of interest, the individuals will be invited to talk together to agree representation. If no agreement is reached, the CEO network will organise an on-line election for which candidates will be asked to provide short (c 100 words) supporting statements.

Terms of Office

Terms of office will be limited to three years after which there will be a new selection process. The retiring representative will not be eligible to stand again, but may be asked to continue in their role for a further term of 1-3 years if there are no new expressions of interest.


Wherever possibly, and to cover absences, each representative will be supported by a substitute from a different organisation. Substitutes will normally be the person coming second in any election.


All representatives should share information, provide regular feedback, and consult relevant organisations on particular discussions. These reports should be posted to the Network’s Yammer site and also distributed elsewhere.