Terms of Reference


1Purposes and status

1.1) The Network is informal and has no legal status, executive power, assets or liabilities.
1.2) The Network’s purposes are to:

a) improve communications within Hertfordshire’s voluntary sector;
b) identify and promote good practice;
c) encourage the development and use of shared solutions;
d) encourage and facilitate partnership working;
e) raise the profile of the Hertfordshire’s voluntary sector;
f) help arrange collective interventions / representations where these support the interests of the voluntary sector;
g) improve working relations between the voluntary and statutory sectors.

2) Membership

2.1) Membership of the Network is free and is open to a designated senior decision-maker (i.e. someone who can commit time, money or resources without referring back for approval) at any independent, Herts-based organisation which is a:

a) registered charity (whether incorporated or not);
b) general charity (using the definition of the NCVO, whether registered or not);
c) Community Interest Company.

2.2) The Network seeks to be inclusive. Applications for membership from other organisations will be considered by the Steering Group (who will take a decision subject to appeal to the next available Network meeting).

3) Network meetings and communications

3.1) The Network will meet at least annually and will aim to meet biennially.
3.2) The times and venues of meeting will be decided by the Steering Group who will give at least two weeks’ notice of meetings.

4) Steering Group

4.1) The Network will establish a Steering Group. The Steering Group will carry forward the Purposes of the Network between Network meetings.
4.2) The Steering Group will carry out its business as it feels necessary and in particular may:

a) meet as it deems necessary;
b) adopt rules to structure its business;
c) appoint officers;
d) co-opt additional members to the Steering Group;
e) establish working groups for defined projects and communicate the remit and purpose of the working groups to the wider Network;
f) arrange representation of the Network;
g) carry out any business or activity not in conflict with the Network’s purposes and status;
h) bar from membership anyone who brings the Network into disrepute.

4.3) All activities of the Steering Group and its working groups will be recorded and reported to the Network membership as soon as practicable.